Dutch Transplant Foundation

Website: www.transplantatiestichting.nl

The Dutch Transplant Foundation is a Competent Authority according to European Directive 2010/45/EU. The foundation was set up to mediate in obtaining, characterizing and transporting organs as well as in assigning the organs to a suitable recipient. The Dutch Cornea Transplant registry is administered by the Dutch Transplant Foundation. As outlined in the capacity of staff the Dutch Transplant Foundation possesses the infrastructure and capacity to evaluate the dataset in the ECCTR Transplant registry as well as contribute data from the Dutch registry.

Website: http://www.transplantatiestichting.nl/

The Registry Benefits

  • - Be part of an European network
  • - Monitor quality of care
  • - ECCTR gives a unique opportunity to monitor and anonymously benchmarks results
  • - Describe practice patterns
  • - Reduce variation
  • - Conduct research
  • - Link to Patient Reported Outcomes
  • - Clinical improvement using patient-reported and clinical data

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