Work Package VI Data collection, recruitment of clinics across Europe

Veneto Eye Bank Foundation and European Eye Bank Association Work Package leader

FBOV/EEBA will be working together for the recruitment of the clinics and eye banks across Europe.
All associated partners; the existing European Registries will participate in the collection of data
The following tasks will be carried out during this work package:

  • Task 1 Recruitment of clinics
  • Task 2 Training of personnel involved in the data collections
  • Task 3 Development of interfaces within the 3 existing EU Registries
  • Task 4 Start of data collection for clinics and universities

The Registry Benefits

  • - Be part of an European network
  • - Monitor quality of care
  • - ECCTR gives a unique opportunity to monitor and anonymously benchmarks results
  • - Describe practice patterns
  • - Reduce variation
  • - Conduct research
  • - Link to Patient Reported Outcomes
  • - Clinical improvement using patient-reported and clinical data

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