Work Package V Active clinical cooperation, and networking with VISICORT

University of Maastricht work package leader

Strengthen the knowledge concerning adverse immune reactions through active cooperation with current EU funded projects  VISICORT on the definition and validation of parameters for clinical application within the European Cornea and Cell Transplantation Registry. The exchange of scientific findings will be considered for

– Establishment and validations of parameters to be included in the system concerning immune reactions after corneal transplants
– During the final phase of the project, data collected from the system will be analysed by the Steering Committee with a view to beginning dissemination of information and initiation of recommendations for clinical variables related to quality, efficacy and safety of novel cell therapies and immune mechanism

The Registry Benefits

  • - Be part of an European network
  • - Monitor quality of care
  • - ECCTR gives a unique opportunity to monitor and anonymously benchmarks results
  • - Describe practice patterns
  • - Reduce variation
  • - Conduct research
  • - Link to Patient Reported Outcomes
  • - Clinical improvement using patient-reported and clinical data

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